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Rediscover the power of nature!

Wilderness Ways fosters a deeper personal connection with the natural world through unique outdoor programs and experiences, promoting passion, and forming a bond with nature in today’s generation.

Out of the box programs

Our programs teach sensory challenges, awareness skills, animal behavior games, survival skills such as foraging, primitive cooking, fire making, shelter building, processing plant fibres for rope or twine making, basket and bag making and teaching how to see and understand wildlife. We bring our programs to different parts of India, adding a sense of adventure!

Wilderness ways
Had a lot of fun at a night walk by wilderness ways🙂
I love all creatures and spend a lot of time stalking them by day, but I've always been hesitant to go into the bush after sundown. This was my first night walk, and i got to see a lot of critters that do the night shift, and you would probably never ever see most of them out at day (frogs, crabs, scorpions, fireflies) !
It was an awesome experience, and one that I'd highly recommend!

Subramanyam Ramanathan

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