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School Programs

Day Field Trips

Rock climbing / Nature connect

Overnight Programs

Camping trips / Night nature connect

After School Programs

Nature immersion sessions

Why choose Wilderness Ways?

Our programs are a unique combination of nature knowledge, adventure sports (rock climbing, slack lining
etc.), nature immersion through our senses, and applying textbook concepts to the natural world.

● This will give kids:

○ A wide variety of experiences and broader perspective of the outdoors
○ An understanding of the diverse ecosystems thriving in our urban spaces, and appreciation for natural life everywhere
○ Body awareness through outdoor sports and activities
○ Skillsets of ancient knowledge systems (survival skills)
○ A sense of curiosity for natural life rather than fear
○ An awareness of their own senses and the ability to use their hearing, vision, touch to their highest capacity


● Each of our team members have vast knowledge & certifications as well as unique skill sets, ranging from
knowledge of outdoor life, to complex climbing techniques and wilderness first aid.


Pramiti School - Enabling Learning, Bangalore
Abheek Academy, Bangalore
Colours - Centre for Learning, Bangalore
SKEI school, Bangalore
Anweshana Montessori House of Children, Bangalore
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