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Explore Bengaluru

The explore Bengaluru and urban walks happen as a 2 hour nature walk and is one the favorite programs and high in demand. The explore Bengaluru walk is about going to different natural areas in the outskirts of city to explore how wild these places actually are.

To see the wildlife that live there and learn about plants, trees and mushrooms that grow in these areas.

It's an exploratory walk to discover the nature that is so close to us and the city.

Urban Walks

The urban walks take place within the city in places like our parks, Lalbagh and Cubbon park or at lakes in Bangalore to learn about the urban flora and fauna.

Believe it or not there is a lot of urban wildlife biodiversity that thrive in cities all around us but go unnoticed.

It's an opportunity for us to observe and learn about what lives in the city along with us and how they go about their days and how they survive in city settings. There is also a huge plant, mushrooms and tree diversity in urban areas so you will learn about them too and some urban foraging.


Urban flora knowledge


Urban wildlife knowledge


Mushroom knowledge


Urban  foraging



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Spotting skills

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