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Night walk is one of our most unique programs, because it's a rare and special experience but also because no other organization offers this.

It is a fun 3 hour walk into the night in nature, with headlamps, that makes you feel like an explorer! We walk around to look for animals who become active after sunset and phenomenons of the night while learning to hone our naturalist skills of listening, spotting, observing and being curious.

A whole new world opens up to you, as you'll see animals and insects you would never see during the day in action by going about building a nest or hunting or waiting for prey to come by. Sounds of the night will be music to our ears as we walk in the dark looking and explore. 

Animal Knowledge

animal knowledge

Naturalist skill

Naturalist skills

Outdoor skills

Night time outdoor skills

Sensory skills

Night time sensory 

Observation skills

Night time observation skills

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